Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A kick in the backside.

Yep sometimes that is all I need.  

I especially need it when I am trying to figure out where I am going to store a large donation..... you know the one's I am not suppose to be getting because there is no room left in my house.  The donations that my husband only shakes his head at me (he doesn't even say anything anymore because he knows it won't do any good).  

This last donation was indeed overwhelming, and I kept shuffling the boxes from room to room rather than open them up and take inventory of them.

Yesterday afternoon I decided enough was enough it was time to clear those boxes.

Here is the donation.  The sack and all of the boxes were donated to Iowa Comfort from the Faith Lutheran Women's Auxiliary in Adel.  One of their members had passed away, and Becky's husband had donated all of her stash to them. BTW kudos to Becky's husband for knowing not to just ditch it all! Much of what Becky had was already completed tops or large pieces of cheater fabric.  Without a longarm the group would have been stitching for a long time!  The group asked if I would quilt one of the tops in exchange for what was in the boxes. I quilted that top earlier this month, and it will be placed in a silent auction around Christmas.

That top box was full of batting, a queen, two full size, a couple of twins, two craft size and a pillow form.   I can always use batting!  So I won't have to store it for long.

The next two boxes I opened up are the brown boxes.  And there are no words for what I found. So I will just show you.

 Here are three adorable panels that can go directly to the longarm....once their turn comes up.  No need to do anything to them other than quilt them.

Then I found these 5 chunks of fabric.  All cheater fabric, all bedsize!  I think the smallest is 58 x 90 and the largest is 90 x 117.

These all were measured and immediately went to the closet where I have finished tops patiently waiting for their turn on the longarm.  

The balance of what was in the brown boxes was this.

Eight extra wide backings!  Backing material is always needed here....but I have a feeling that Becky had purchased each of these with a particular quilt in mind for it.  See that little note attached to one of the backings.  It says pansy's and the dimensions of the piece.  Well....the pansy quilt was the quilt that I quilted and gave back to the Janet and Caroline..... guess I should have taken better inventory of the contents of the boxes prior to jumping in.  No worries I am pretty sure that I will be able to use it for another one of her projects. 

This is all I am going to show you for today.  The remainder of the donation is completed tops. I will show those to you on Saturday.... any idea how many there may be???

Stop back on Saturday to find out!

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  1. What a nice donation. Let me know if you want me to post a request for "binders" when you are ready.