Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hexie quilt is quilted

I did get the hexie quilt top quilted this week.  The rest of the week was spent trying to pick up the quilt room and get things back where they belong.  Note the word trying, I did not completely succeed.

I have to tell you about a conversation that dear hubby and I had while quilting this top.

First I should probably let you know two things.  First thing, I am a pampered princess....and I have a husband that does 90% of the cooking (I guess he got tired of being called to dinner when the smoke alarm went off).  The second thing is that I startle very easy.  Anyway back to our conversation.

Wednesday morning I started quilting this top, I was in the quilt room by 8:30 and had Fonzi and Lenni humming along.  About 11:00 my hubby stood at the door of my quilt room patiently waiting for the current row to be completed: so he could knock on the door and let me know that lunch was going to be ready in a couple of minutes. (I do really hate to be startled, and I am in a zone when quilting) to come in my room.  

Terry steps in the and takes a look at the top and has a puzzled look on his face.  I ask him "what"?   He then said " This quilt is a little different from what you normally do?  How are you going to bind it since you don't have a straight edge?  You have all of these points instead?"  Then he looked closer and saw that the quilt points had small gaps.  Remember that this quilt top was hand pieced from hand cut templates.  And from out of nowhere he says " Is that an actual sheet you are using for backing?"

Now as I sit here and type this I realize that this is probably a fairly boring post for you guys..... but I have to give my hubby props for even knowing what binding is. And recognizing the challenge of  binding a non straight edge quilt.  The fact that he knew that I don't usually use a sheet as backing material, and that might cause an additional challenge with the binding.  He gets props for caring  enough about me to learn about my passion.... I guess I really need to pay more attention to him when he tries to explain World of Warcraft to me!  He is such a great guy!

Back to the quilt.  I am taking it with me this morning to the Prairie Womans Quilt group this morning.  I'll be asking for suggestions on how to bind this quilt, and getting the binding for it at the Adel Quilt shop.  I kind of think that it may need to be squared up and the points removed....but we will see what 40 quilters can come up with.

Hope you all have a great day!

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