Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gifts from Lynne

I have donations from Lynne....and before you say anything, I knew these were coming prior to me announcing that I wasn't taking any more donations.  But even if I hadn't, I would have excepted these because they are complete projects.  All I have to do is put a label on them and get them donated.  So as with all rules, this is the exception. (and in a future post, we will talk about donations....cause I got a talkin to this past weekend....but that will be another post)

Earlier this spring, Lynne came down from northeast Iowa for a longarm play date.  I know Lynne from an online group that I belong to.  Every once in a while some of us will get together to play for a day on the longarm, and just have a day of fellowship.

Lynne offered to take home one of our Hope quilt kits for completion.  She took it home, and all though I was only expecting her to piece the top, she went a head and quilted it and bound it for me.  Lets take a look at it.

Lynne quilted wonderful feathers on this quilt in a beautiful variegated thread.  So bright and cheerful. This quilt will be donated to a local grade school. 
I will be contacting the Adel De Soto & Van Meter school districts to see if they can use some of these quilts.  It was suggested that the school nurse would know where the need would be, and if they are willing, I will be more than happy to leave a few in each of the elementary buildings.
She also sent along two other quilts, one she said was suppose to go to Aheintz 57 dog shelter.... actually she said to make sure to send the one with ugly squares there.  Only problem is that I don't see a quilt with ugly squares.   Here they are...

Here is the first one.  The offset blocks are a blue and white check.  The other blocks were hand stitched mariners compasses.  I guess actually they would be cross stitched compasses.  Here is a close up of the compass.
When I look at this quilt, I could envision it being used at a care facility as a lap quilt.  Perhaps being given at Christmas time to a gentleman that might not get a lot of visitors.
It is funny (or at least I think it is) how a quilt can talk to me when I receive it.  I swear it is like they tell me where they belong.  So later this week I am going to be calling some of the local nursing  homes to see if there is a need we can fill.
This quilt is bright and cheerful, I could see it going to a care facility also.  It is a little larger, so maybe not a lap quilt.... but then again, Lynne told me one of them was earmarked for the puppies.....hmmm, guess I will have to shot her an email to make sure I get it where she wanted it.

Thanks again for all your help and support Lynne!  I think they are all beautiful and will put a smile on someone's (either human or doggy) face.
I also want to thank Rhonda for transporting them to me.  Lynne and Rhonda were at a retreat together and Rhonda volunteered to get transport them the rest of the way.
More goodies from that retreat on Saturday.
Oh and Happy Birthday to my sis Deanna, hope you have a wonderful day!

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