Saturday, August 10, 2013

Gifts from Diane

Diane is one of my online quilting buddies that I have had the pleasure of meeting a couple of times over the last couple of years.

She has more energy than the energizer bunny and I am always amazed at what she can accomplish in a day.  It seems like she can whip up a beautiful king size quilt in a day, and do all the chores that a farm wife would have on her list!  She truly is amazing...and she shares quilt tops with Iowa Comfort!  (but I think that maybe she must not sleep to accomplish it least that is my only explanation for it, either that or I am just plain lazy..... and that can't be it....)

Now I have never seen it, but I have heard a rumor about Diane's closet.  It seems there are many a quilt tops in there, waiting to be quilted or waiting for a good home.  Lucky for Iowa Comfort many of them have made it down to us.

The last box Diane sent me had 5 tops in it. This week I finished quilting the last top out of that box.

Lets take a look at all of them.

The first one I completed has already been donated, you can find it in the 2013 gallery, it is quilt 102.


This is ICQ # 105, a wonderful sampler made out of civil war fabrics.  I absolutely love this quilt and wish that it could be mine!

This is ICQ# 108.  As you can see it is not quite bound yet, I have two sides yet to get stitched down but I wanted to show it with all of Diane's other tops.  I'll get this lovely quilt finished this weekend. So soft and feminine.

This stack and whack is ICQ # 109.  I never have had the guts to try this technique, the quilt turned out wonderful and I am sure it will be well loved.  By the way a big thank you to Celia M for taking time out of open sew last Friday to bind this quilt for me.

Here is ICQ# 110. Still on my longarm, ready to be trimmed and bound. Lexi and Owen are here today, so it will probably be tomorrow before I can get it off the machine and apply binding to it.  I think I am going to use a black Moda marble for the binding...

Are they not all lovely!  And a little birdy told me that I have another present coming from Diane via a mutual friend next week. So excited to see what goodies will come my way from Diane's magic closet!

THANK YOU so much Diane for all your support and generosity! I know that really isn't enough...but know that you are appreciated!

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