Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Taken to the woodshed!

Alright that is such an exaggeration that it really isn't funny....but you have to admit that it did get your attention.

Remember a couple of weeks ago I posted that I was going to slow down a little in next years goals, and that I was not going to be accepting any donations until I get caught up.

Let me back up a little bit.  I write these posts, and I sometimes look at the stat button, but for the most part unless I have an event going on I forget that someone is actually checking out my blog. 

I write the blog to give thanks for all the help that I get, and to document the quilts....just in case someone ever runs across one of them and decides to research it.  (Don't look now but I think my other passion is showing there.....)

And to quote Jenny from Missouri Star Quilting, that stat button could be one lady setting in New Mexico reading a post over and over.  It was fun to watch the first six months....but now I pretty much ignore it.

So imagine my surprise when I attend Prairie Woman Sewing Group a couple of weeks ago, and I have not one, not two, not three but four different individuals take time out of their day to come speak to me about that post.

All  of the conversations were very supportive and very understanding....but I did hear what they were saying.  

The jest of it was that I created this baby and now I need to let it grow.  Which means I need to loosen my reigns and accept the help that has been offered.  

One even explained that there really was no difference between accepting fabric and quilt tops, and accepting help with quilting and binding.  And in that perspective it is absolutely true.

My number one fear is that I some how intrude on friendships.  We all have busy lives....and I do not want anyone feeling pressure to assist.

I take very seriously that someone donated a top or fabric for the top..... and my number two fear is that it not get completed or returned. 

I would feel bad that I lost that donation.... and no I really don't want to have to call someone to remind them about a kit, quilt or something.  

I tried the kit thing early on.... and I do have two that have been out for over a year... and they were small quilts that just needed to be pieced and returned.

Give me a Gibbs smack to the back of the head..... we have done over 100 quilts....that is less than 2% loss.

I also fret over showing finished projects out of order.... when I voiced that concern, I really thought I needed to duck from that Gibbs smack! Although it wasn't said, the look on her face was Deb get over being so anal! :-)

So I am looking for volunteers..... actually several volunteers.  First I need a small group that I can bounce idea's off of.  Eventually they would be my board of directors if I move forward on getting authorized as a Non Profit with the government.  We are looking at a couple of meetings a year....and short meetings at that.

I am also looking for quilters, and binders.  When I quilt I always quilt a simple meander or loops...nothing fancy, these are utility quilts.  

Since I have many small quilts along with bed-size quilts.... you would not have to be a long arm quilter. 

SID would be fine on the Hope Quilts (most of them are coming in at 42 x 45).  Backing and batting will be provided, the only provision is that I would like a commitment that you would be able to complete the quilting and return it within 6 weeks, so it could go on to a binder.  

Binders, you can do it by hand or machine either would be fine, I would ask for a three week turn around from you. 

The investment that the quilters and binders would have would be their time and thread....everything else will be provided.

So I am willing to try.....it will be hard for me.  If you are wanting to help let me know and I'll get you a project.  

Who knows maybe the four amigo's (that's what I am calling them now...even if they mostly talked to me one on one) were right and I can get caught up, have space once more and feel unoverwhelmed.

Stay cool everyone!

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  1. Deb, I would like to be a member of the planning group for Iowa Comfort. I can also help with the quilting.

    Dian Wakefield