Saturday, March 2, 2013

We are sewing today!

Hope you can come and visit at least for a while today.

We have the room in the Adel Library from 10:00 to 4:00. If you are planning on coming here are some of the things that I can use help with.

I will have kits, like the ones we did last fall available to be sewn up.  If you are doing that you will need to make sure to bring your seam ripper.  The pattern is from Bonnie Hunters site and you will have to pick out 8 seams per quilt top.  These go together really quickly (if you follow instructions...which I failed to do last fall) and I have several waiting to be sewn up.

I will have a large tub of fabric that I would like to try to kit pillow cases out of.  It would be great if someone would like to sew them together also....but if I could just get them kitted it would be wonderful.  Fair warning these chunks of fabric are left over from other it will take a more creative mind than mine to see how to put them together.

I also need helping in piecing backings for the quilt tops I currently have in the que waiting to be quilted.  I don't remember right off the top of my head, but I know there are over 25.  At least half of those are bed size quilts. I have the toughest time piecing backings.  I always get that little bit of sag on one side or the I really need help on that.

I also will have some fabric that just needs to be chopped up for doggy beds.

Lots of things to different things to bring your normal sewing things and come and hang out for an hour or the day.  

I'll have the coffee on, and some snacks to keep us on a sugar high all day.

Hope I see you a little later today.

BTW I will be back to showing you the goodies from that large bag on Tuesday.

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