Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More Goodies this week!

Ah to be back to a schedule!  It really is nice.  As you know last week I took Lenni in for her spa treatment....and she is running ah so perfectly!

On Saturday I had two customer quilts come in to quilt.  Much to my surprise and delight a donation quilt came in to Iowa Comfort from the same quilter.

Judy B. put this little quilt together from a strip club that she was in.  I recognize several of those fabrics, and the design of the quilt....pretty sure that this is one of Adel Quilting and Dry Goods projects.  

(Oppss forgot to rotate it.)  I love the bright colors that just POP in this quilt.  It amazes me how a little color can change the whole feel of a black and white quilt.  This quilt is simply adorable, and will make someone very happy when they receive it.

In addition to the quilt above Judy sent me some yardage of fabric.

Pretty batiks, and a bright and bold fun print.  Also that green feathery fabric, and that two toned blue.  I know that I have enough yardage to make at least a couple of backings for the hope quilts.  Those batiks will make their way into a quilt top I am sure.

As my online friends might say...."These fabrics are just lickable!"

Judy thank you so much for sharing with Iowa Comfort!

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