Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's like my birthday

It amazes me how in the short time span of a little over a year, that Iowa Comfort has grown.

Last year I was told that a goal of 12 bed size tops for the local crisis center was lofty.  

We made a total of 65, with the help and generous contributions of fellow quilters.  Some were pieced and quilted last year.  Other tops were found in closets and donated. Some were pieced and quilted by one and then donated to Iowa Comfort.  ALL WERE A BLESSING to someone that needed just a touch of warmth, and the knowledge that someone cared.

At my last quilt meeting, I went empty handed (no show n tell for me this month) and when I left I had help taking things to the car.  It seems to be a recurring them anymore...ain't it great!

Here is a sampling of what I came home with.

Nancy's mother Donna has knitted another afghan for us.  That yarn is so soft!  I have to be very careful to keep them put up, because Mork and Mindy really like them!  (they think I am a mean mommy because I won't let them have them)

Then I received this.

Deb Y. brought this to me.  It was given to her by a quilter that is no longer able to quilt.  I will show you one of the tops today....but since there are seven in there so I will spread them out over the next couple of posts.  There are also about 7 queen (I think) size sheets in the very bottom of the bag.  I will need to experiment with those as backing to make sure my longarm can handle the thread count okay.

So here is the first quilt I want to show you.

Hexies are hot again....but I think this one is probably from a different era.  OH and it is completely hand sewn.  I had to get my dear husband to come in and lift it up for me....and as you can see I still didn't get it all in the picture.  It is at least a double and maybe a queen.  I just love that hot pink hexie in the center!

Just a couple of other things.  We are having a community sew day this coming Saturday.  I plan to spend the next couple of days packing the car with things for us to do.  I will be providing coffee and snacks.  Hope you can join us for all or part of the day.

After the sew day, I will be getting ready for my trip to California. (March 9 -17)  I will be gone for 8 days which equals 3 posts.... I will try to get some posts ready in advance....other wise you might just be seeing some Bonnie Hunter type posts.  Last night one of my traveling friends asked if we would be stopping at quilt shops while out there.  She isn't a quilter....but I wasn't going to say no.  She has no idea what she just got herself into!

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