Saturday, March 23, 2013


I am just getting back into the swing of things after my whirlwind vacation with west coast family!  Just beginning to get my schedule back into order.

Thursday was Lenni's spa treatment day in Carroll.  I had held off doing any more customer quilts until I could get her in... her stitches were just a tad wobbly every once in a while.  She needed a MAJOR spa treatment.  Her hook needed replaced, along with all of her pigtails and she needed a new needle bar this time.  I have been working her hard!  I had never had to have the needle bar replaced before.... it takes 4 to 5 hours to set.  So we drove up dropped of Lenni, had breakfast then came back home (just couldn't see setting around for 4 hours with dear hubby), then I drove back up to Carroll to pick her up around 3:00.

While I had my little break between trips to Carroll on Thursday I delivered 5 quilts to the center.  

The DHS still has an adequate supply of quilts right now, so I spoke to Johna at the center to inquire if they had a need for the smaller quilts.  Johna told me that the center has partnered with another organization that specializes in working with young mothers here in central Iowa.  So I will pack up several of the small quilts and get them delivered so that group will have them available for distribution first of next week.

Have you checked out the 2013 photo gallery?  It is currently up to date with all of the quilts that have been completed this year.

I have several more in various stages of completion (needing binding, needing to be trimmed and a whole lot needing to be quilted) but we have a nice selection up there right now.

Today I also plan to take up a stack of doggy mats to Aheintz 57 dog shelter today.  It really is time to clean out my car!  I keep putting the deliveries in the back a desperate attempt to jog my memory.  SUCKS to get old!

Back to quilting this next week!  I need a few customer quilts, so I can buy more batting for the comfort quilts.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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