Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I need a building!

I had hoped to show you  pictures of a couple of finished quilts....but alas I don't have them done... I still have a little bit of binding to do on them. I will have them up on Saturday for you.

So instead of those pictures, I am going to show you the donation that came in on Sunday.

That top box on the chair is full of batting.  The box under it has some large backing pieces.  The sack is full of quilt tops...and I haven't even got into the other two boxes.

This donation has come to me from Faith Lutheran Church Woman's Auxiliary in Adel.  One of their members passed away and her husband donated Becky's fabric collection to the woman's group.  

The fabric is all really good fabric.  Their are many quilt tops in the donation....but alas all of those quilt tops are twin size or larger and hard to finish without a long arm.  

So Caroline and Janet contacted me at one of the open sew days, and a plan was made.  I am going to quilt one of the tops and return it to the group, and they are donating all of the above to Iowa Comfort.  Somehow I think I might have gotten the better end of the deal. 

I have the top that I am going to quilt on the longarm today, and hope to have it done by tomorrow.

In future posts I will show you more of what I find in those boxes...but it will be a couple of weeks, since I have other donations to show you also.

It is a busy time here at the Semmens house..... and I did have to have that conversation again with my husband.... you know the one.... "Lucy you have some splainin to do!"   (I just need to find the time to go thru the boxes and put everything away)

Have a great day everyone and stay cool!

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