Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The cleaning and laundry fairies are unreliable!

I have been counting on them every night for the past several weeks to show up and do their thing while I sleep!

Alas they let me down and yesterday afternoon I had to break down and do household chores instead of spending my time in the quilt room.

Although I did not make it into the quilt room yesterday. I did manage to remember to write this post....all the while fighting the sand man who thought a nap was in order for the afternoon.  

I bet you never thought you were going to get to see quilts 103 and 104.  I know you have waited longer than you should have but here they are finally.

Quilt 103

Quilt 104

These quilts were pieced by the ladies at the Christian Church in Adel.  If I remember correctly, Margaret rescued the fabric at our community sew day earlier this year and had a vision for these little quilts.  They are almost identical...except that little inner border. Great job ladies!  You gals are awesome!

Here is a close up of the fabric.  I think maybe this fabric was donated by Virgina.  But I will be honest, I have received so many generous donations that my memory is failing me so I could be wrong.

Donna whipped up a couple more afghans for us.  Always so soft and cuddly!

Love the hearts in this one.... do you see the soft pink, yellow, green and blue rows on the top and bottom of it? Reminds me of an Iowa sunset. 
This one is bright and beautiful also. The center always loves receiving these.  They are held on to for newborns.

I have no customer quilts this week, so I hope to quilt at least two quilts for Iowa Comfort this week.  One from Diane's pile, and the other from our small quilt pile.  I also plan on doing book work and getting a delivery ready for the center.  

Some how, some way, I also plan to bind one of Diane's quilts this week.  This will be and adventure.  You see Hawkeye has decided to become a lap dog (all 40 lbs of him).  At night he jumps in the chair with me and hangs out all night long.... I normally do my binding at night while sitting in front of the TV hanging out with my husband. Yes Celia I know if I would just machine bind I would not have a problem. This quilt it twin size, and I just don't want to try to it.  I haven't mastered the technique,  and I don't have space on my sewing desk. That is my story and I am sticking to it... LOL

Hope you all have a wonderful week.

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