Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another busy day and week

It is going to be such a busy week.  Over the weekend I had my grandson Owen, so nothing quilt related was accomplished....and that is a okay with me.

Yesterday I quilted a customer quilt.  The first of 7 that I have in my possession to quilt.  I was getting a little worried about mid June.  I was running low on batting, and I had no customer quilts on the books. We all know that the customer quilts pay for the batting for the donation quilts.  It all worked out, like it usually does and the batting has been ordered.  I'll have the customer quilts completed before the bill comes due.

Today is errand day, groceries, hardware store and veterinarians office.  

I am also dropping off quilts at the center this morning.  Quilts 83,85,86,87,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97, & 98 will all be donated this morning.  You can find them all under the tab above marked 2013 photo gallery.

I have also had some donations in the past week.  Here are a couple of them I wanted to show you today.

The top image is a pic of the bag, and the bottom pic is what is inside the bag. All kinds of batting for the doggy beds from Diane W.

Three more bags of scraps from Betty W. ready to go into the doggy beds.  We should be able to make three or more doggy beds from both of these contributions.  

I will work on them this week while quilting the customer quilts.

Time to get to my errands, everyone have a great day.

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