Saturday, July 6, 2013

Quilts 100 and 101

Just writing the title blows my mind!  One hundred quilts completed and donated to local central Iowa charities.  Just goes to show what many hands can accomplish, and the generosity of quilters hearts.

Lets get to today's show and tell.  These quilts were pieced together on our community sew day back in March by one of our volunteers, I wish I knew for sure who had pieced these....but I'm not sure.  It may have been Kathy B or her sister Carol.

Kathy and Carol have made every community sew day that we have had.  

What I can tell you about these two quilts is that Kathy took them home and quilted them for me.  

Kathy has a longarm business, and worked these quilts in around her customer schedule. In addition to her time she donated the batting and thread on these quilts.  And lucky me she also did the binding on them.  Leaving me only the paperwork and getting the label on them.... 

These quilts will be delivered at the end of the month, and will be loved and cherished, lets take a look at them.

Quilt 100

Quilt 101

As you can see we are still using some of those kits we made up last fall from the fabric that Deb S donated.  And we are still using Bonnie Hunters "Streak of Sunshine" pattern.  We are getting close to having all of these kits completed....but I still have around 10 or so that need to be put together.... so let me know if you would like a kit for home.

Poor Hawkeye he so loved # 101, and he just doesn't understand why he can't have it!

Kathy also took two pillowcase kits home and got them sewn together for us.  Bringing us closer to our goal of 75 for the year.  These two bring our total to 62 completed.

Once again a heart felt "THANK YOU" to Kathy B for getting these quilted and bound for me, and making the pillowcases.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend and the weather.  Next post is Tuesday.

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