Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Oh where to start? I guess I am going to start with a big THANK YOU to Jean V.

I received a call from Jean last week asking if by chance I would be home on Friday.  She wanted to stop by and drop off a quilt for Iowa Comfort.  Now Jean has donated a top before, and it was so bright and cheerful...that I was really looking forward to seeing what she made this time.
Here is a picture of the first quilt.

I was not prepared for Jeans generosity, but I truly am grateful, and I know that they will be loved by the child that receives them.

Take a look.
 She made a smaller version of the quilt above.
Isn't this quilt adorable, bright nine patches with ABC fabric in the background.
 I love the colors and textures of this little quilt.
 Another 9 patch, but this time with a teddy bear background.
 This quilt is so soft and fluffy.  Can you see the alphabet blocks?
 Here is a little rail fence, that is adorable.
Wonderful fabrics again, but this time in an around the world setting.

Count them that is  SEVEN quilts!  

Love it even more these are ready for donation....except that pesky label that I insist on putting on all of our quilts.  I plan on spending this week getting them labeled and the paperwork done on them so they can make the next delivery cycle.

This isn't even the complete donation, I'll show you the rest of it on my post on Saturday.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!  Thank you again Jean V.!

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