Tuesday, June 25, 2013

cuddllies and pillowcases

Yes ms blog program I do know there is no such word as cuddlies, you can red line it all you want in my text.... I am still using it.

It is just simply the only way to describe (in one word) the soft afghans that Donna makes for us.  Her fingers have been busy again   and the center will love getting these....not that they don't love all of our stuff...but these go to mothers with new infants.  And we all know anything that has to do with babies turn us all to mush.

Here are the latest creations from Donna.

They are so soft!  And take a look at the bottom row of the bottom picture.  Donna has little hearts in the pattern!  So cute!

Here is a close up of that heart!  I sure hope you can see it...so subtle and yet so special.... or at least I think so!

Thank you Donna for your time and talents.  I know that these afghans are loved by those who receive them.

In addition to getting the donations from Donna.  Sherry P dropped off a donation at the Adel Quilting and Dry Goods shop.  Here is what she brought us.

Four more completed pillowcases ready for donation.  Sherry was at our community sew day in March.  She took these kits home and finished them up for us.   Thank you so much Sherry!  These are so needed & cherished.

I am not sure if everyone remembers (or even knows) but last year when we had the drive, the director of the center told us that everyone gets a new pillow when they arrive. The resident keeps that pillow when they leave, but not the pillowcase.  The center had been using the same pillowcases for over 20 years.  

With the donations from last year, and those that we are collecting this year, each resident keeps their pillow and the pillowcase when they leave.

With these 4 pillowcases we are now at 60 donated this year. The goal was 75 for the year.... I think we are going to make it again!

Can I just say that YOU ALL ARE AWESOME

When I reflect on what we have accomplished in a year and a half even I am in awe....and I know the generous hearts of quilters....but that will be a blog post all into itself in a couple of weeks.

Thank you one and all for your support of Iowa Comfort, it would not be possible without you!

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