Saturday, June 8, 2013

Donation Part 2

Are you ready to see the rest of what Jean brought us?  Okay lets take a look at them....

 Here is a top made from my favorite line....Marbled Moda's, they are striking in the 9 patches.  We have ABC off square fabric.... and look Jean sent premade binding and backing for the quilt also.
 This top is gorgeous I love each block and how the colors migrate from lighter to darker in the  same color family.  I also love the backing that Jean sent, that bright striped material.
This top reminds me of my grandmother, florals were her favorite.... and when I look at this top I think it is a classic... much like my grandma.  (thanks Jean for the pleasant memory)
Here is another 9 patch... I love how it is the same quilt as the first, but because the borders are different the quilt has a different feel.  I also love the backing and binding material she sent.  The balloons match the colors in the 9 patches.

Once again Jean V thank you for your generous donations!  I have no doubt they will all be well loved.

I have tucked these quilt tops away in my closet, with the rest of the tops that are waiting to be quilted.  

I am in the process of reorganizing donated material, and that maybe next week I will take inventory of it and find out how many tops I actually have.  Maybe I will even try to marry backing material with quilt tops...... that may be to logical, at least for me.

Hope the sun shines for you at least a little this weekend.  Stop by on Tuesday for a peek at a couple of completed projects.

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