Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A surprise at my back door!

Saturday afternoon I was getting ready to deliver dog beds to Aheinz57 dog shelter.  As I was gathering up the 7 beds and 4 doggy mats to take to the car, I realized that someone had dropped off a little surprise at my back door.  

I had been downstairs so it is quite possible that I didn't hear the knock, or it could have been a case of leaving the donation where they knew I would find it.

I can't say for sure who dropped off these items....but I have a short list of who I think it might be.  This donation is a little different than what I normally get, and I will be honest I called to make sure that it was something that the center wanted, before I take it to them later this morning.  

The center gets a lot of clothing donations, and I have noticed that much of the everyday type of stuff ends up in their annual garage sale.  Now there is nothing wrong with that, but if my hunch is correct about who donated these, I am pretty sure the intent was to help people with work clothes.... so I wanted to make sure that is what would happen with them.

Inside three of those bags are garments made by Miss Dorby, Ralph Lauren and Rena Rowen to name a few.  There are blouses, jackets, dresses and suits.  Many of these outfits would be great for an interview or office work place attire.

The bottom right sack has two large fleece (??? I am not great at identifying anything but 100% cotton) that will make wonderful dog beds in the near future.

The clothes are headed to the center this morning, and I would encourage people to think about donating office clothes to the center when you are cleaning out your closets.  That being said... I usually only make one trip to the center a month, and I really don't have a lot of storage.... so if you are donating clothing please do it at their office.  Their new office is right across from the DOT in Adel, and that way you can get a tax donation write off.

Check back on Saturday for pic's of some of the completed projects that I promised in my last post.

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