Saturday, June 15, 2013

As promised

 I am showing you some of the projects that have been completed since my last delivery to the center.

Well at least I thought they were completed......

This is Iowa Comfort quilt #83.  I had it all folded and ready for delivery until I realized I needed to photograph it for the photo gallery.  When searching for the label..... I realized I still have 16 inches of binding to stitch down..... sure glad I caught it!

This is Iowa Comfort # 86 ( 84 has already been delivered.... and there is a story about #85).  Remember when I told you that I was doing some reorganizing of my fabric last week?  Well while I was doing it I found the binding that the gals from the Adel Christian Church sent with this quilt.  Pretty purple binding that matched that outer border.... MUST BE BETTER ORGANIZED!  I am pretty sure I can use that pre cut binding in another project, I won't lose it again.

This is Iowa Comfort #87.  Since both 86 & 87 had a little yellow in the quilts I used the same binding on both of them.

I also used the same backing material.  The piece was wide enough but not quite long enough for me to load these two quilts separate.  So I tried something new, and quilted the first one and then continued on from that point and loaded the second one.  When finished, I had both quilt tops on one back... with very little waste of backing material or batting.  

The process worked well with one exception.... those pesky labels!

I know I am being anal... but I really want these quilts to be documented, and I want to know that the labels remain on the quilts.  So I have started machine sewing the labels on to the backing prior to quilting the top.  I try to place the label in the center of the backing, and try real hard to get the top centered on the backing.  

These two quilts were one of the first that I started doing this on, and I got them centered pretty well.... only problem is that quilt 86 clearly has a top and bottom ( it isn't square like 87). When I sewed the label on the backing  I positioned the label incorrectly! The label is standing on its side. Of course I didn't notice it before I quilted it.... I stewed about my mess up for a couple of days and then decided to let it go.  Some day 10 years from now if someone looks hard enough they will find this post and get the rest of the story.

I'll show you more completed projects on the next post, and I have a few more stories to tell on myself also.  So come back and visit on Tuesday.

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