Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pretty little quilts!

The Adel Christian church has a quilting circle.  The ladies get together a couple of times a month and make quilts for charity.

Late last fall, a HUGE sack of flannel fabric was donated to Iowa Comfort.  I happen to be working on one of the quilts for the church group and when Donna G came by to pick them up she happened to mention that she gets bored.  So I offered (some might say I pounced on the opportunity)  to let her play with the sack of flannel to help keep her mind busy.  I figured it was a win win, Iowa Comfort received quilt tops, Donna could stay busy and she could work at her own speed.

Donna decided that she would share the fun and took the bag to the church meeting and all of the ladies have been working on that never shrinking bag of flannel. Rumor has it that they have made 9 quilts out of that bag of flannel and the bag is still full.

Last Friday I received another installment of quilts from the group and they are just darling!  Take a look.

This quilt is so soft! And I love the blues and purples with the splash of yellow in the center. Bubbles, clouds, suns and rainbows... how fun is this quilt!

This quilt is also made of of course it is cuddly.  This one dragon flies, hearts and multi colored starts.  Then there are the blue, green and yellow bricks in it.  I LOVE the small yellow is such an eye catcher.

This quilt would make a great I spy quilt.  If this wasn't headed to a child in need.... I could see myself playing with Owen in a few months and asking where is the cow? How about the feet. Now tell me where the blue stars are.

The last quilt is in soft blues and whites, with just a little bit of other color.  Most of the prints are stars, then we throw in some teddy bears and bows.  Add an outer border of baby feet and hands with little hearts and you have a perfect quilt top for a small child.

Every quilt these ladies have made have been adorable.  Thank you one and all for making these and the previous tops you have made.

I am not sure that I have everyone's name, so I apologize in advance if I missed you.  The group is made up of Donna G, Margaret B, Terri B, Mary S, Ruth H, Marilyn H, Sue B and Mary O.  THANK YOU LADIES for all of your contributions, I appreciate each and everyone of you and the time you spend working on these tops.

PS I have more flannel should you want some more variety.  :-)

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