Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Learning to count with Maisy

While at the AQS quilts show in 2011, I picked up some cut little panels.  Most of them were child themed, and probably remnants left on the bolt.  Not full panels by any means, just pieces of panels.  

Then they came home with me and sat in a basket, waiting for someone creative to make them into a cute quilt for a child.

I put the panels up for adoption, and Colleen T adopted Maisy.  Here is a link to what I gave her to work with.

 http://iowacomfort.blogspot.com/2012/01/here-is-fourth-panel.html       ( In case that doesn't work it is Jan. 16, 2012 blog post)

I wrote in that post I thought that this would be the toughest of all of the panels to make a quilt out of.  They were long and narrow, and I had no vision.

I am just really happy that I know when to let someone else take a project and run with it.  THE QUILT IS ADORABLE!  Take a look.

So very bright and cheerful! Colleen went to her scrap fabric to find crayola colors to make the top and bottom piano key borders.  The individual blocks did not fill in completely around the center, no problem Colleen fill in with a cheery strip set.

I love how in each of the blocks Maisy introduces you to a number and an object.  1 Lady bug on Maisy's nose.
 Eight ducks in the pond.
Maisy taught me something new today.  I guess I never thought about elephants having fleas......

I really like how all of the blocks have random numbers in it also.  This truly can be an educational learning tool also.  

Colleen not only designed and pieced the quilt but she also quilted it and bound it.  Love the bright green on the back.

This quilt is such a cute piece of eye candy!  I am so glad that I didn't do a thing with those panels.  I know that this quilt will be loved by the child that receives it.

Thank you Colleen for all of your creativeness and hard work!

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