Saturday, February 2, 2013

Its cold outside!

Winter has returned to Iowa, and I know that I was spoiled with last years winter.... but I am not liking this sub zero weather.  The good news is that the ground hog will tell us today, whether we have six short weeks to spring, or six long weeks of winter left.  Either way it is only 26 more days to March, and then spring is just a hop skip and jump from there. 

Today I think I will show you some of the donations to Heintz 57 dog shelter.

 Rozetta F saves scraps that are to small for anything else for me.   She brought me two full plastic grocery sacks full of them.  I brought them home and added them to my holding sack.

Yes that sack hold the contents of future doggy beds.  I know when it gets almost full I have enough to make 3 nice size beds.

Everything from small pieces of batting, dog ears and slivers of fabric and even some interfacing that wasn't working gets cut up into small pieces and put in this sack.

This sack contains left over fabric from other quilts.  That three inches of backing and batting on all four sides that I need when I quilt a quilt. And any other fabric that is deemed unusable in quilts.

My plan has always been to see if any of the kids that need community service hours for the school would like to take on this project.  I just need to get off my backside and go talk to the school.  Maybe I will do that next week.  Then I can take this sack to the Community Sew Day, and get it all chopped up.

 When that first sack is full, I start stuffing.... and wa la... I get three  medium to large doggy beds.  I also have about 6 mats that I need to get binding on, for the shelter also.... maybe this weekend I'll get them done.

Tuesday I will show you all of the quilts we did in  January.

Have a nice weekend and stay warm!

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