Saturday, January 26, 2013

Such generous friends.

 Lennie and Fonzie have been really busy this month.  They have quilted 9 Iowa Comfort quilts, and 5 other quilts for customers.  

Next week we have 3 quilts scheduled to be completed, a quilt for Iowa Comfort, a comfort quilt for a lady that has entered hospice, and the last quilt is one that I have had on my Get R Done list for the last two years.

With all of this quilting going on for Iowa Comfort, there is also a whole lot of binding going on.  I spend most of my evenings sitting in front of the TV, hand stitching the binding down on a quilt.

Monday night at my quilt meeting, Celia R offered to bind a quilt a month for me.  We both attend Open Sew on the second Friday of the month in Adel.  She told me to make sure and bring a quilt along each time for her to bind.

Nancy H. has also offered to bind for me (many times) and I took her up on her offer and passed a quilt to her.  She is going to have to fix my binding strip that  I had prepared.  As I went to iron it prior to taking the quilt to her I realized that I had sewn half of the strips one way, and the other half the opposite way.... the result being half of the seams were on the top, and half of the seams were on the bottom....  Sure that will work.... NOT!  Ah well it is great to have friends that you can share your mistakes with.  She'll just cut that section out and flip over the fabric and all will be well.

Take a look at this donation from Nancy H's. mother Donna.  Donna doesn't quilt but she does knit, and she has a lot of yarn that she want's to use up.  So she is making these for us to donate.

I can not tell you how warm, soft and snuggly it is!  I can tell you that I have to keep it in a plastic bag in a locked tub...or Mork and Mindy try to claim it as their own.  It took me three tries to get this picture, and it was only accomplished after locking them out of the room.

Thank you Celia, Nancy and Donna! 

I have more donations to share with you all, so make sure to come back on Tuesday and Saturday. Enjoy you weekend.

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