Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Delivery to DHS

Now I will show you the rest of the quilts that were delivered on New Years Eve.

All of these quilts went to the local DHS office.  The social workers will hand them out as needed.  My hope is that a child in crisis will find these little quilts comforting, and snuggle up in them and know that someone was thinking about them.
This quilt was made with donated fabric from Deb S.  Nancy H pieced, quilted and bound it for us.  I think we made about 35 kits using fabric that was donated to us in this pattern. I am going to have to be careful when we deliver these.  All 35 kits have a lot of pink in them.... kind of a girl feel if you now what I mean.  I want to try to deliver equal amounts of boy/girl quilts when I make deliveries.  So I see more kitting in my immediate future.

Speaking of boy quilts it doesn't get any better than this quilt donated by Lynne M. chopper motorcycle t shirt quilt.  Love the bright colors in this one and just the right size for a little guy to cuddle up in.  The backing was that yellow and orange flame in the lower right block.  I can see the smile already, on the little boy that gets it.

This quilt could be given to either a boy or a girl.  Penny W. put two of these tops together for us.  The second one wasn't quite ready for delivery when this one went.  Penny said she took a block and blew it up to make the quilt 40 X 40.  Penny is one clever gal!

And then there are these three quilts.  Do you remember that sack of flannel that we got from Ruth Ann? In case you don't here is a reminder.

Ruth Ann loved flannel, and she was getting ready to make some rag quilts with the blocks in the bottom picture.  I had never made rag quilts before... so there was a learning curve for me.  I did manage to get all of the blocks used and three little quilts made.  They are OOHH SO SOFT, but don't look to close... I did a really poor job with block placement on one of them.  I don't think the child that receives the quilt will mind much though.

Last week Fonzie and I worked on customer quilts, so this week is Iowa Comfort quilts.  

Everyone have a good week! Enjoy the warmer temps.

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