Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Happy April Fools day everyone!

In an effort not to repeat last weeks tardiness, I have made myself set down at the computer to write this post prior to going downstairs.  

I tried to get a picture of today's quilt outside....but the wind was not having any part of that.  After picking the quilt up off the ground for the third time, I brought it and my camera back inside and did the best I could for a picture.

This is another one of Becky's creations.

As you can see it is a large quilt, and will be donated to the center to be used on a family bed.

Becky was truly a talented piecer.  I have made a lone star quilt before....but I did it the easy way, with a quilt smart panel, no inset seams no biased edges.  Becky made this on the way they were made originally!  I have such respect and admiration for her talents.

Joyce S. volunteered to bind this top for me.  I just love the generosity of my friends!

I spent yesterday afternoon working on a customer quilt and chopping up doggy bed stuffing.  I think that fabric multiplies in the closet!  I am not sure I will ever get through it all.  I did deliver 4 large dog beds to AHeintz57 dog shelter on Saturday.  They were thankful for the donation.  And have three more that I need to make the shams for and then they will be ready for donation.

I also worked on getting a delivery ready for the center this week. I should be able to take 9 quilts to them sometime this week.

Well the rake is calling my name, so I should go out and finish what I started yesterday.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. A special thank you to Joyce and Becky for their talents and generosity!

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