Tuesday, April 15, 2014

UGH! Why won't it work?

I have been working on the website this last week.  I have a tab for the 2014 photo gallery, it has pictures of all the delivered quilts. 

But for whatever reason the tab will not show up on the home page.  I am going to have to have my IT specialist fix it for me, just frustrates me that I can't figure it out on my own.

Until I get it up just know that I delivered 9 quilts to the center on April first.  Most have them have been shown in individual post this year.  I have also delivered 8 large dog beds to AHeintz 57 shelter. Hawkeye wasn't all that happy with me about that, he doesn't like to share them!

As I am sure most of you know, we have started giving a beanie baby with several of our Hope quilt donations.  Nancy H. has donated most of them from her private collection.

This past month at quilt circle Theresa H. brought me these.

 Now aren't they just adorable! And although I didn't do it intentionally...we have the three little bears and the three little pigs all decked out in their Harley gear.  

These little guys make me want to go out and buy some Harley fabric and start sewing it up in Hope quilts.  Even if I don't get that done, I am sure that I will find the right quilt for each and everyone of them.

Thank you so much Theresa for sharing these little guys.  They are going to brighten a childs life, I just know it!

This week I am going to try to get another couple of Hope quilts quilted, I have people asking for them to bind!  Life is good!

Have a great week everyone!

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