Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mother nature!

I think Mother nature is trying to help me out.  I had all kinds of things on my to do list outside this week.  But I feel like she has decided that I need to be inside working in my quilting room, and at my desk instead.  It is just to cool and windy to be heading outside for any chores so inside I stayed.

I have been a little crazy this week, worrying about my sisters visit.  Now just so you all know where the crazy comes into play: I have been fretting over what to fix and where everyone will sleep for the better part of two weeks now..... they aren't coming until mid July.  Okay there is the crazy! 

Preparing for their visit, there are three coming for 1 to 2 weeks, I have had to go and buy a couple of new small appliances.  A coffee maker, because they really need their morning coffee.  A new toaster, okay I will be honest...mine was old and gross and I was just to embarrassed to let them see it, and to lazy to clean it up well.  Actually I did try to clean it up....my dear husband told me to throw it away because I got to much liquid in the controls and he was afraid that I would get a shock next time I tried to use it.

I bet about this time you are wondering Deb what does any of this have to do with Iowa Comfort?

The answer is that I needed some place to put those small appliances, along with a few others and there was no more storage in the kitchen.

So I have gone to the closet in my walk room that I took over for a fabric closet.  I don't need the whole closet, but I need at least four of those cubbies for kitchen storage.  If you look at the picture above you can just barely see that I had fabric on actual bolts, as in not mini bolts like those on the bottom shelves.  I pulled that fabric out and decided to make pillow case kits out of them.

With the large bolts gone I could put back up the middle shelf  on each side and have my four cubbie holes back for those small appliances.

I took half of those bolts one evening this past week and made these kits.

There are thirteen pillowcase kits there.  Unlike other kits we have kitted, these kits only have two colors of fabric in them.  The body of the case and the cuff are the same fabric, and there is a small flange of a different color between the body and the cuff. Using two colors instead of three made it much easier for me to kit.

I recently had someone ask for pillowcase kits, and now I have some to share with her.  I do plan on kitting more of these....maybe in this coming week.  It is a quick way for me to manage some of the donated fabric and still use it for the purpose it was donated.  

The center can use 50 to 75 pillowcases each year.  So if you have a yard of fabric that you just don't know you will ever use, think about making a pillowcase and donating it to Iowa Comfort.  We will get it to someone that will truly appreciate it.


Above is a link to a tutorial for pillowcase construction from Missouri Star quilts.  

Maybe my sisters will be sewing some of these up for me.... insert evil laugh!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


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