Tuesday, March 25, 2014

And here is today's post

 I am just about caught up on all my chores for yesterday and today, and as promised here is today's real post.

I have such a challenge photographing larger quilts.  I think one of my husbands projects this year will be to come up with a way that I can display them in their entirety.  In my mind I am seeing a long bar, that can be hoisted up....once I attach a quilt to it.  I'll tell you right now he is going to LOVE that challenge.  (there really needs to be a designated sarcasm font!)

Anyway back to the quilt.  

This quilt came to us from the Faith Lutheran Women's Auxiliary.  One of their members, Becky had passed away and her husband donated all of her stash to them.  Becky had many large quilts that were just to large for the group to take on, and they were donated to Iowa Comfort.  This is one of those quilts.

Becky called this quilt her Dahlia quilt.  There is another row of blocks that can not be seen in this photo.  If you would like to see the full quilt you can find it on the August 3, 2013 post.

Each of those flowers were hand appliqued  to the white background fabric.  What a dedicated and talented quilter Becky was!

Before I left for Alaska, I put out a call for someone to bind this quilt for me.  Kathy B generously volunteered to do the binding, and did a wonderful job of it.  She even made me feel better about my choice of binding material.... I really had wanted to match the plain purple but couldn't find the right color.  So we ended up using a darker purple with a print.

Kathy has made it to every community sew day that we have had, and is always generous with her time and talents!

When she dropped off the quilt top there was a little surprise in the bag also.  Here it is.

I know next to nothing about this afghan, other than it is warm and beautiful and it came to Iowa Comfort via Kathy B.  I love the fall colors and as all other afghans before......the center will love receiving it.

Thank you Kathy B for binding the quilt and the afghan.  Thank you also to all of the members of the Faith Lutheran Women's Auxiliary for donating and sharing Becky's stash.  I will make sure that the center knows how this quilt (and all of the others) came to them.

I plan to quilt a small quilt yet this week.  I have a customer quilt to get done also.  I have also been cutting kits for pillowcases this past week.  Well that is my week in a nutshell. 

Hope that your week will be wonderful!

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  1. This was an 'afghan rescue' - someone had discarded it; my ex brought it to me & thought of you. KB