Tuesday, April 22, 2014

2014 photo gallery

Over the weekend my IT guy came by (also known as my youngest son) and was able to get the current photo gallery up on the main page.

I guess I didn't realize that I had a limit of how many pages I could have....so something had to go.  I decided to take down the page that had fabric donation sites.  

It was really a no-brainier as I am not currently accepting fabric donations.  Of course as I learned in the Postal Service, every rule has an exception to it....so here they are.

I will gladly accept backing material.  

Just this past week I had someone (who wished not to be named) donate seven and a half yards of 108 inch wide muslin to me.  That backing material will allow me to finish 10 of our hope quilts. I will accept donations like that all day long!

I am still working on managing small cuts of fabric, read less than a yard.  If you had some of that kind of fabric you were hoping to donate... I would ask you to consider making a pillow case and donating it.   The center can use pillowcases and it will get that fabric quickly into a finished project.

Lets talk about the doggy beds.  My house is over taken with doggy bed material. I have closets full of large bags waiting to be cut down.  So here it is folks.  I can't take anymore material for doggy beds.... and the exception to the rule will be unless you have already cut it down to usable material.  That means no larger than  two by two squares or long slivers, read no wider than 1/2 inch cuts by width of fabric.  Those two cuts are really what works best for the beds.  And if you are willing to donate your scraps cut down to those sizes I will take them.  I need them ready to go from my car to being able to pour them into a bed.

Special thanks to Joyce S.  she has taken two large bags of doggy scraps home and chopped them down for me.  I really appreciate that.

Last night I had four quilt tops go out for binding.  Thank you so much Deb Y, Jan M, Nancy H. and Joyce S. I so appreciate the help with getting these finished and on their way to the center.

This week I have two customer quilts coming in and I hope to finish up 2 dog beds and at least two of the hope quilts. At least that is the goal.

Hope everyone enjoys the weather.  Next week I have a couple of donation quilt tops to show you.

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