Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It took 7 months

Way back at the beginning of the year, I posted my New Years Resolutions.  And I must say I did better on these than any other time I thought it was a good idea to make resolutions. 

I have done a really good job of keeping the 2013 photo gallery current.

I did switch the format of the labels to follow the suggestion of law enforcement.  I also decided that I needed to go with a more generic label for these quilts.  And the label is applied prior to quilting now.  Those labels are not coming off.

I have slipped a couple of times when writing my blog post and used a last name, but I quickly edited those posts...so I am doing okay there.

Where I completely fell off the rails this month was keeping up on my paper work.  I have five weeks worth to do this afternoon.  I don't even have an excuse for why I fell off the wagon.

I could use the excuse that I was in a funk, or that I was out of town, that I was busy looking for my new car, or that I was concentrating on the 13 customer quilts I did in the last two weeks....but those are all just excuses.  Plain and simple, I just blew it off.

So guess what I am going to be doing today?  Yes I am going to be doing paper work and getting the August donation ready for delivery.

I have also started a new project, that I am hoping will help me with my organization of the tops.

I have this large walk in closet in my bedroom.  On my half of the closet there are 6 hangers with clothes on them.  I gave away most of my work clothes when I retired, for the most part I live in shorts, blue jeans and t-shirts, and they all go in the dresser.

SOOOOO I am using that space to hang my next quilt projects.  I started last night.  I took a top, found a backing that will work for it, and cut a batting for the project.  Now those three pieces are all hanging neatly on a hanger in my closet.  I even pinned the label to it.  The only thing I haven't done is dig out binding for the quilt.  My hope is to do one of these a day, making it easy to grab a project when someone volunteers to quilt one for me.

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend!

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