Saturday, September 21, 2013

Better late than never

Here it is! The completed hexi quilt from Dottie.  Oh do you happen to remember that Dotti hand pieced this top?  

Once I started to quilt it I realized it truly was a quilt of a different era.  Those hexi patches are made from scrap pieces of clothing, or other fabric.  There was polyester, knit and cotton fabric in this top. I love tops like this, where quilters made due with what they had... and re-purposed fabric once it had completed it's initial function. 

 I have had this quilt top since February.  It was donated to me thru Deb Y.  She knew of a quilter that was no longer able to continue to quilt due to heath reasons. Several of her quilt tops came to Iowa Comfort.

Nancy H. generously offered to bind it for me, and I picked it back up from her this last Monday night.  It was donated to the center on Friday.

As long as I am showing you one of Dottie's completed quilts... I think I will show you the one I took off the longarm on Thursday.

I am still looking for a binding for this quilt.  When this donation originally came in, there were several sheets donated also.  I have used those sheets as backing (trying to stay as close to Dottie's vision as I could).  The backing is a soft green, blue, yellow and cream colored print.  The print is a large floral print.  I know it doesn't sound like the two would go together.... but they do.  Infact this quilt could be reversible.  Either side will be beautiful on a bed.  
I am leaning towards just a plain muslin binding on it, or maybe a soft green or brown.  I'll have to hit the fabric bins to see what will work.

Looking for binding will have to wait until Monday.  I have Owen this weekend, and this grandma is going to spend her time playing!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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