Saturday, September 7, 2013

Inventory Complete

Well at least the inventory of quilt tops.

In my last post I told you that I was taking the quilt tops and hanging them on hangers.  The goal was organizational, but also to give me a sense of what projects I had.

Well I now know.  Take a look at part of my walk in closet.

There they are twelve bed size quilts ready to be quilted.  All but two of these quilts have backing hanging right along side of it.

There is another twin size quilt that is waiting to join the group, but it is going to need some TLC before it can.

Anyone what a project?  This quilt top needs to have all of its seams reviewed, and stitched as needed.  It also needs all of the strings cut from the backside before it can go on the long arm.  It could also use a stern pressing.  I think it will make a pretty quilt once we whip it back into shape.

Here are the first 5 hope quilts, lined up and ready for their turn on the longarm.

And here are the other 18 patiently waiting to by married with backing material.

I am really glad that I completed this project....even if it meant that the books are still not done!  For whatever reason, knowing how many tops I have has given me a sense of calm.  I can now make a schedule and set sites on completing my task.  I really do better when I can see an end to the project.  The project being these 35 quilts at the moment.

So this weekend, I will be working on finding backing for the rest of the hope quilts....and maybe book work.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Oh Dian I will be giving you a call later this week, and thank you Nancy for taking that binding project for me.

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