Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thursday Delivery

I have spent the week documenting quilts, which included taking pictures and making sure a label was on each one.  I must say that trying to remember how much time I spent quilting or binding a quilt became challenging.  I did not do an excellent job on paper work over the summer.  I just can't imagine why (where is that sarcasm font that I so need?)!

Anyway here are the quilts that I loaded into the car Thursday for delivery.

I know that you can't quite see them all, not to worry over the weekend I will get them all posted on the gallery tab.

All of these quilts did go to the Crisis Center.  When I delivered them I was able to see their new office and there were many staff members present.  Each quilt was eewwed and ahhed over, and I could see a twinkle in their eyes as they decided the best use for each quilt.  

The Director thanked the group again for all of our hard work, and hopes that the quilts will continue to find their way to the center. 

In addition to the quilts, I took 11 afghans.  They were very well fact I was afraid that a couple of the green ones were going to cause a little scrimmage ( not really but there were two staff members that really liked those afghans).

These afghans were donated by Marcia Burt, and if I remember correctly her mother had made them all.  Lets take a look at a couple of pictures.

I know that the staff are going to put most of these in Christmas baskets for the families that they serve.

You see that green and white afghan?  That was the staffs FAVORITE, and it is being put aside as a Christmas gift.  Every year there is someone that does not get adopted, for whatever that green and white afghan will be given to that person.

I have a busy weekend and later today my Granddaughter and I will make a delivery to Aheintz 57 shelter.  We have doggy mats and pillows to deliver.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend.

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