Saturday, September 1, 2012

Charity sew day part 3

Yes I know I have had several posts from that charity sew day, and I am telling you right now that there will be at least one more before I move on to something else.  AIN'T IT GRAND TO BE ME! 

Today's post will show the tops that were completed the day we all got together.  This group of ladies were very productive.  Lets take a look at the quilt that Viv Mohwinkle and Renise Frey, pieced together.

The fabric for this quilt was donated by Adel Quilting and Dry Goods and came to us already precut. Viv and Renise had to decide how to put the quilt together.  Finding the right design was important to them.... I think the did a fabulous job!  There was even enough fabric for Renise to put this top together....
The first picture is probably a queen/double, the second is large enough to be a twin.  They even made the binding for these two quilts.  

I think these two quilts will be loved at the center, or maybe they will be kept back and given to someone transitioning out of the center. Either way the quilts are wonderful!

Pat Adney brought a long some blocks made from Bonnie Hunters leader and ender (gee I hope that is what she calls it) system.  While chain sewing other projects she sews two pieces of fabric together, thus not wasting thread. Pat made several 16 patch blocks out of this system.
Then she added sashing, cornerstones and a border to make this adorable quilt.  She also sent fabric along for the binding and maybe enough for a matching pillowcase.  This quilt once quilted will go to the DHS office for distribution as the social workers deem necessary.

The next two quilts were made by Rhonda Huggins.  The first quilt was a panel that I had picked up at the AQS show last year.  It was meant to be a cloth book, but I wanted a quilt so Rhonda worked her magic.
She added sashing to the blocks and some bright borders.... and yes that is binding that she is holding.  The panel is about counting: one fish, two I think this little quilt could be used as an I spy quilt.  I spy the number 2, or the color blue.  Rhonda is much more creative than I was. After all it has sat in my closet for over a year.

Here is Rhonda's second quilt top.

Simple but so gosh darn cute!  She took a piece of fabric cut it in half and added that bright pieced border and center strip.  Some little boy is going to love to cuddle in that quilt.

As you can see the day was very productive, and we still have enough pictures for one more post.  

Thank you again ladies for all of you support, you are making a difference in someones life.

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  1. Deb - We received a large bag of donation fabric for you yesterday! It was brought in by a fellow who's quilter wife has
    passed. - Adel Quilting