Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sew happy!

Yesterday I was able to bond with Shirley again, it has been along time since I was able to sit down and sew with her.

Do you all know that I have named all of my machines? If not here is the run down. Laverne is my domestic machine that travels, Shirley stays at home in the sewing room.  I also have Lenni and Squiggy, and now the Fonz.  And although they are not machines, I also have my kitties that are always helping me pick up thread (and not in a good way)...Mork and Mindy.  Bet you are glad I explained all of that.  Can you tell that I spent way to much time in front of a TV when I was a kid?

Last week I showed you the fabric that Ruthann's  husband donated.  Most of the fabric went home with Donna Grove to play with and make tops for Iowa Comfort.  I have heard that she has enlisted the help of the ladies from the Christian church in Adel.  The fabric that stayed here was precut and stitched squares for rag quilts.  I spent the afternoon sewing the squares together and I have enough rows for 4 rag quilts.  It felt good to just sit and stitch again, even better that it was the second day this week that I was able to do it.

Yesterday was citizenship day, and at our regular meeting of  Circle of Friends the group helped kit some quilts.  I'll have pictures of that on Saturdays post.

Hope you all are enjoying the cooler weather.

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