Tuesday, September 11, 2012

4 darling quilts!

Monday afternoon I received an email that I had a quilt donation waiting for me at Adel Quilting and Dry Goods.  I was ready for a break from quilting so I decided to head over to the quilt shop to pick up the quilt.  I try really hard to pick up fabric and quilt donations quickly so as not to take up space at Jacques.

Getting to Jacques was a challenge in itself...road construction on highway 169 had a lane shut down, and I missed the pilot car each way by one car. I know this because I was first in line each time.  My 6 minute commute was more like 20 minutes each way..... but I am not complaining because the donation was wonderful.

Betty Wicks stopped by the shop and left four quilts.  Each of these quilts will go to the local DHS building to be distributed by the social workers as they see fit.

The quilts are all so soft, and cuddly and really really cute!  Here they are:

Above we have a close up of the fabric.  Themed in all the nursery rhymes that I can remember.. the cat and the fiddle, cow over the moon, old mother hubbard, the golden goose, and many many more.

Here is a view of the entire quilt....so soft and pretty!

 Above is quilt #2 from Betty.  Soft yellows, blues and greens with 
Winnie and company spattered with in the fabric.
I am ashamed to say that I only remember Winnie and Tigger... the rest of the characters escape me.  What a bad grandma I am.  (off to google them as soon as I finish this post)
Zoom Zoom, this is one hot little quilt...so bright and cheerful.
I think every muscle car that was ever made is represented on this little quilt... I know I owned at least one of them if not two, back when I was young.

Quilt #4 is in soft colors.  Yellow, pink, green and blue, and is very soft to the touch.
When I first saw the fabric I though it was a Wizard of OZ panel.  I saw that one lion and thought it was the cowardly lion, but it isn't.  So again I have failed as a grandmother, I know this is based on a fairy tale or book.  Could some one please give me a clue..... Please!

Betty thank you so much for your generosity! Once we get a label on these quilts I will get them delivered to DHS.  I know that they are going to make several children very happy.  Nothing is better than having a warm and cuddly quilt to call your own, especially when life is a little hard.

The rest of the week I am going to work on getting all the paper work done on the quilts we have completed, so I can get them to the center early next week.  I will also deliver the afghans at the same time.

Have a great week everyone!

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