Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Saturday Delivery

Over the weekend I had both Owen and Lexi on Friday night.  Owen went home Saturday morning, but Lexi hung out with me until Sunday afternoon.

We all got up early and went to the farmers market Saturday morning.  Meeting up with my Mom, son and daughter in law, we had four generations hanging out in the brisk fall morning. It was very nice.

Once Lexi and I made it home (we did a slight detour to do some shopping) we counted down the time until we could deliver the dog beds and pads to Aheintz57 transport and rescue.  Saturday was also adoption day so it was very busy and many of the animals in their care were headed for new homes.  LOVE IT!

It took both Lexi and I to carry in the 7 large beds, and 10 pads.... and as soon as we hit the door one of the staff members looked up and said "beds we so need them!".  They also loved the pads, and said that they would be used in the kennels when they transported their four legged friends.

I didn't take any pictures of the pillows before we left (bad debbie!) but trust me they will be well used.

I did have a hard time getting Lexi to leave, she fell in love with the new litter of puppies that had come in on Friday.  A farmer had found the 5 of them in a soybean bin, the staff thought that they had survived on soybeans for the last several weeks.  They are very cute!

So if you are thinking about getting a new addition to your household.....please think about a rescue, instead of buying from a pet store or puppy mill.

Hope everyone makes it to the show this week and has a wonderful time!

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