Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I am sure you all know what a WIP is...but just in case I will let you know.  WIP = work in progress.

At the end of our charity sew day we had three WIP's that came home with me to finish up.  They are actually very close to completion and will probably go with me to my open sew day next week.  I should be able to get the tops finished that day. But just because they are completely finished doesn't mean that I can't show them to you now.
This first quilt was worked on by Angie Olson, she traveled down from Minnesota to be part of the charity sew day.  I was truly amazed at how much she completed in that one day.  The quilt that she was working on will be a queen size quilt.

 The pink and red fabric was donated precut by Adel Quilting and Dry Goods, I brought along some cream muslin, and Angie went to work making 9 patches.
The nine patches were offset with big muslin blocks.... I had plans for those cream blocks, a pretty feather wreath or something like that.... and then I remembered that I only have 12 of quilting space and those are 14 inch blocks....ah well.  

We ran out of muslin late in the day and Deb Steere went to town and picked some up to finish so Angie could keep working on the quilt.   Thank you Angie, Deb and Jacque, this quilt is going to be so soft and pretty when completed.

The next top I am going to show has fabric that was donated to Iowa Comfort in it.  I am ashamed to say I don't know who donated this fabric....but thank you for the donation.  Dian cut this fabric down into precut sizes for me at our last community prep day.  Marcia and Deb set out making 9 patches for this queen size quilt.  Here are the blocks.
Isn't that some fun fabric!  I auditioned many colors to be the offset blocks....and only black would work.  It is going to be striking!  Do see what happened when planning this quilt?  Look close.....
Yep I didn't have quite enough of the focus fabric for all of the nine patches.  So I made do and 20 of the squares in the 9 patches will be either the turquoise blue or the purple batik.  I think it will give the quilt a little extra character.

Deb Steere brought along a couple of jelly rolls for donation....and Sandy took a liking to one of them.  Sandy decided to make a 1600 quilt (also known as the jelly roll quilt).  Instead of the joining the strips together with the diagonal line, she wanted to add a 2.5 inch square to ends of the strips. to have them look like this.
This jelly roll had pinks, reds, soft greens and brown in it.  Sandy was able to complete the first lap of the race in our allotted time two weeks ago....here is a peek at a snapshot of that quilt.
It is going to be so pretty!

I will of course show you all of the completed tops once I get them done.

I want to thank everyone once again for coming out and sewing for Iowa Comfort.  I know that many of you traveled over 2 hours to attend and I really do appreciate all of your time and talents!

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