Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lynne and Marcia's generosity

A week ago today was the charity sew day with my IQ friends.  Lynne organized the day at her church for the group and thought about Iowa Comfort as the beneficiary of the days labor (we had to much fun to call it labor....but I am having a brain freeze this morning so it will just have to stand.)  That act alone was extremely generous....but she wasn't done.  

Let me introduce you to Lynne Mulder again.  Hard at work on her block.

These are the additional quilts she brought with her for donation.

All these quilts need are a label, and they are ready to be shipped to DHS to bring a smile to a child in need.  Thank you  Lynne for your generous spirit!

Within any group there is usually that one person that can bring a smile to anyone's  face, in the IQ circle that person would be Marcia Burt.  She comes up with songs and chants, and I do believe she has been known to due a couple of prank phone calls.  She also has a group that does charity sewing for her local area, but that did not stop her from donating to us.  Here is Marcia.

Marcia brought ELEVEN afghans for donation to the center.....in addition she donated the following tops to us.

Aren't they bright and cheery!  Just like Marcia, I am sure these quilts when finished will brighten someones day! Thank you Marcia for your generosity!  

And believe it or not there is still a lot more to share with you all in the next post, so make sure to come back on Saturday.

Have a great day!

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