Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hope quilts

It is snowing gently this afternoon, and I am glad to be in the house were it is warm.... oops guess I just gave away that I am writing this early... ah well.

Hope the snow from Friday hasn't caused much of a headache for you.  My husband told me I couldn't go out in it, so I am spending the day running Fonzie and getting the labels on the last 9 quilts for donation this year.  I hope to deliver them all on Monday morning, or least that is the goal.

Today I want to show you the quilts that I delivered earlier this fall to the Department of Human Services.  They will use their discretion on handing them out to a child in crisis.  It was my first delivery to them, and I loved watching the smiles come across the employees faces as they looked at the quilts.

ICQ 37

 ICQ 38

ICQ # 39
All three of these quilts were donated by Lynne completely finished.  They were the perfect size for a young person and I love how each is so different.  It will give the case workers a lot of choice when they decide to pick a quilt.

ICQ # 40

ICQ # 41

ICQ # 42

ICQ #43

All four of these quilts were made and donated by Betty W for Iowa Comfort.  All were so soft and cuddly, and I can see some young boy playing with his cars on ICQ #43, cant you? Or a little girl setting down to play tea with Winnie on ICQ 3 41.



Rhonda H came to a charity sew day in Northern Iowa and put together these two little quilts.  I love how she made them so bright and cheery!  And I had that one panel for a long time and couldn't figure out what to do with it.  So glad that she was able to make these two awesome quilts!


Pat A was at the same charity sew day that Rhonda attended. She brought with her some starter/ leader strips that ended up making the 16 patch blocks.  Then she sashed the blocks and added cornerstones to make this bright and cheerful quilt.

ICQ #55

This quilt was made by Penny.  This quilt was so soft and warm, I know it is going to bring a smile to a little girls face...and I can see it becoming a security blanket for who ever gets it.  It screams let me wrap you up and bring you comfort.

ICQ# 53

This quilt was made by Heartstrings.  It is an online group that make strip quilts for those who need comfort.  Peg volunteered to quilt the top for the organization and bind the quilt.  Then Peg was able to donate the top to the charity of her choice.... and we received the donation.  This top was larger than the others, but I thought that sometimes older children need comfort also...and it told me that it belonged with the others.

Most of these quilts came to me ready to donate, and all I had to do was put the label on them.  I would like to thank everyone that created these quilts for supporting Iowa Comfort.  I know that all of the quilts will be well loved by those who receive them.

Have a nice weekend...

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