Saturday, December 22, 2012

Going to the dogs!

I had Owen over night and almost forgot to post today.  I usually don't feel old, but I usually need a nap after a visit from one of the grandkids.... and they are such good grandkids!

I also almost forgot that I was making a trip to Aheintz 57 dog shelter this afternoon.  Today's donation was two big doggy pillows, and 15 doggy mats of various sizes.

I had made another delivery to the dog shelter on October 27th.  I just hadn't gotten it posted yet.  This is what I took up on that visit.

More pillows, and more dog mats.  

The pillows are made from double knit fabric that has been donated to Iowa Comfort.  Knit fabric doesn't work well in quilts, but is wonderful for these pillows.  The inside is full of those little slivers of fabric that are left over when cutting for piecing, or left over batting.  I can't keep those pillows around my house for long....cause Mork and Mindy get upset when I won't let them have them. (Not like they don't already have 5 or 6 around this place.... but they always want the latest one made. 

The mats are made when I am practicing a new design on the longarm.  I throw fabric on and test the design to see if I want to add it the mix...or to determine the time that the pattern will take to stitch.  When I am satisfied that I have mastered the design, I pull off the quilt sandwich cut it into a squares and use up my binding tails from previous quilts to cover the raw edges.

Amy says that they have a lot of puppies that will be ready for adoption after the first of the year... so if you are looking for a puppy..... think about Aheintz57 shelter.

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