Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2 little quilts

A short little post today.  

So much sadness over the last several days.  I have stayed away from the computer, and spent time with fabric.

I did manage to quilt two small quilts for Iowa Comfort on Sunday, and I am working on the bindings at night.

Yesterday I did make 10 pillowcases that I will be sending to Connecticut.  Such a small thing.  I know that the goal was 600.....but I bet that there will be many more than that received.  I actually think, given how many places I saw the request, that they will probably receive 10 times their goal.

I heard that project Linus also sent quilts to Connecticut.

I hope that these donations can be a small moment of calm, for those that get them.  I know while working on my pillowcases it provided me with a moment of peace.

Hug your family.

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  1. I had made eight pillowcases to send to Connecticut. Hope they bring a smile to the recipient's face and add some serenity to their upside-down world.