Saturday, October 13, 2012

More Generosity

Last week many of my friends from Iowa Quilters (an online group that I belong to) got together before the AQS show.  This night is for catching up, meeting people for the first time in person, and show n tell.  If you were not laughing during this weren't breathing.....cuz we are one FUNNY group! And if you need proof check out this the ladies in pink are the Iowa Quilters, and that is Marcia upfront...she is our ring  cheerleader!

The group is also very generous!  One of our members makes hats for people going thru chemo treatments, another member collects pillowcases that she donates to the local school.  The school nurse then distributes them at Christmas time to those in need.

One of my friends volunteered to quilt, quilt tops for Heartstrings.  This is a group of people who volunteer in various ways.  Some just make blocks, some piece blocks together, other quilt the tops.

Peg volunteered to quilt and bind 3 tops, and because she did she was allowed to determine which charity she wanted to donate them to.....she chose Iowa Comfort. Peg brought them along to our get together and showed the quilts to the group.  Take a look:

I have study these quilts at great length..... I am amazed at how they all look so different yet are the same block with just different placement of colors or the block is placed different.

Peg did an awesome job of quilting these quilts!  I wish I had half of her talent!  Hope the quilting shows up in these close ups of the blocks.

These quilts are going to be well loved by someone!  I would like to thank Heartstrings and all of their volunteers who made blocks or volunteered their time to piece the tops together.  And a special thank you to Peg Jones for quilting and binding these quilts and then thinking about Iowa Comfort as the charity to donate them to.

The generosity of quilters always amazes me.  Officially these are quilts #52,53 and 54.

Thank you all for your support and help!

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