Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Last week was the big show in Des Moines, and I know that several of you went.  Did you find all kinds of things that you could not live without?

I got together with many of the ladies from my on line group.  I think we had 16 on Tuesday and Wednesday night, but not necessarily the same 16 each night.  We get together and play games and have a show n tell.  We also bring things we no longer want, but someone else might....kind of like a swap meet.  It was a really nice time.

This year I opted not to go to the show, the only thing I really needed was more thread, and I could order it online and have it delivered to my house cheaper than the admission ticket and the cost of parking. SOOOOOO I was able to quilt all last week.

I made several doggy pillows and mats.  I quilted both of the children quilts that Rhonda Huggins made at the charity sew day in Parkersburg. And I have the binding made and applied to 4 Iowa Comfort quilts.

This week I do have a full load of customer quilts to quilt....so there won't be any charity quilting being done until I get them done....but I will be working on that binding every night while sitting in front of the TV.

I do have a goal this week to get a label made for every quilt/ partial quilt that I have in my possession.  I have three quilts that were donated by a friend....but I can't post them cause I don't know what # quilt they are. ( I know I know it is a great problem to have, but it is embarrassing)  

So this weeks goal is to get that binding stitched down, and get a label with every quilt.  I should be able to meet that goal..

Pictures of those three new quilts on Saturday.

Everyone have a great week!

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