Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A legacy continues

Recently I received a donation from a fellow quilter from northern Iowa.  

Marcia is a leader of a group of woman that make quilts for charity.  Marcia's group mainly stay with lap size quilts or smaller.  They donate pillowcases to the care centers, place mats to those that receive meals on wheels, and baby quilts for newborns in the church community.  If there is a need and Marcia's group can fill it they do.

Given all the good work that these ladies do, it doesn't surprise me that Marcia receives fabric donations also.  One of those donations was from Joann Hansen. 

Joann's sister was an avid (and prolific) quilter from Webster City, Janis Smith.  Janis passed away unexpectedly due to heart problems.  Janis had several long cabin quilt tops completed, and to honor her sister Joann decided to share those quilts with those who are less fortunate.  

These tops were larger than what Marcia's group could use, so with Joann's permission they were donated to Iowa Comfort.

Take a look at these wonderful quilts:

That is 7 bed sized quilts! The top 6 are all log cabins, but I really like how the setting of the blocks make each top unique. I see the barn raising pattern, and pinwheels, two that remind me of flying geese and the setting that looks like big X's.  I can honestly tell you with the exception of the barn raising setting I didn't see the overall patterns until I took these pictures.  That is one of my favorite things about log cabin quilts....the overall quilt setting.

The bottom quilt, the HST quilt, is foundation pieced....and it isn't really HST's.  Each block has six strips of fabric that have been sewn on to another piece of fabric to make the block.  It is going to be a WARM quilt when finished, it may not even need batting, I'll have to consult with a few other quilters about it.
Marcia donated two bolts of floral fabric to be used as backing material for the quilts. Very generous!

Joann also donated fabric to several other organizations around the state.  I have no doubt that Janis is pleased that her talent and supplies are being used to help so many people around the state.

Thank you Marcia for sharing your fabric for backing material.... and for letting Joann know about Iowa Comfort.  These quilts won't be quilted until after the first of the year....but we have a good start on next years goal....what ever number that is!


  1. Just back the foundation-pieced pinwheels with flannel and tie it in a few places-it will be warm enough! Beautiful quilts! from Pat A

  2. Janis would be soooooo pleased to know that her 'legacy' has helped others. That was very kind of Joann to share her sister's talent (and quilt tops) with those less fortunate. :)

  3. What a wonderful way to 'pay it forward'! Way to go Janis, Joann, Marcia and Deb!!