Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hope quilts

As promised today I have information on the goals for next year. 

We will of course continue to take all orphan quilt tops that anyone is looking to find a new home for.  Today I had someone ask if they needed to provide the backing and batting for those donations. No you don't.  I have customers that pay me to quilt their quilts. Those fee's buy backing and batting material for the comfort quilts. 

The most exciting news is the Hope Quilts.  With the help of a friend at the Dallas/Madison Dept of Human Services, we have found a way to help the youth of those counties.  Next year the focus will be on quilts for kids that need a little bit of comfort.  These quilts will be dropped off at the local DHS office, and the social workers will have access to the quilts and can deliver it to a child in need at their discretion.

The Director did ask if we would would consider making a few additional quilts for adults.  They occasionally need to remove an elderly person from a home.  I think we can do that also.

The Hope Quilts should be from baby/toddler size to a good size lap quilt.  40 x 40 - 60 x 60...and all sizes in between.  You get the idea, hopefully they will be bright or bold.....but we will take them all.  A good example of the type of quilts I am hoping for are on Adel Quilting and Dry Goods blog yesterday....the featured quilts are the ones made by Donna Grove.

I am also going to try to create some wheelchair quilts for the local nursing homes.  I am hoping that the local high school seniors might be interested in this project. I have a lot of flannel that would work wonderful for this project.

So the goals are lofty for next year....and I know we are going to bring a lot of comfort to our community.

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