Saturday, August 25, 2012

Start your engines!

I have so much to show you all!  That is could possibly take to mid September to show you all of the quilts and quilt tops that have been donated over the last week.

First lets start with the quilt top that was donated by Leslie Jackson.  Leslie is one of the members of Circle of Friends, that is hosted by Adel Quilting and Dry Goods on the third Monday of each month.... she is also super creative.  She whipped together this little top for us....and it fits right into the Hope quilts project.  This quilt will be donated to the local DHS office, and will be given to a child at the discretion of the social workers.  The project is designed so that a social worker can pick up a quilt to give to a child before they leave the office. So a stock pile of quilts will need to be on hand, so no child will be left out.....lucky for us we have a jump start on the project already.  

Here is Leslie's quilt, won't that quilt bring a smile to a little boy?  She is also putting another one together that is car themed.  

The hope is that these quilts will bring a little comfort to a child, on a day that would otherwise be very trying.... I would bet money who ever gets this quilt will hold it tight!

Switching gears (still keeping with the car theme here...hehehe) I want to tell you just a little about the charity sew day this last Tuesday.

It was a GREAT day, hosted by my friend Lynne Mulder.  We belong to a group of online quilters called " Iowa Quilters" or "IQ" on the website connecting threads.  It is a fun place to connect to other quilters and the IQ group is very active.  Lynne thought a charity sew day was a good way to get several members together for some fun... and boy was it fun....and productive!  

I can't show you all of the pictures in this post but I thought I would show you what my car looked like coming home for northern Iowa on Tuesday.

See all those bolts of fabric.... those were donated by Deb Steere.  She just went to a room upstairs and brought it to use ....just incase we needed it, and then donated it to us.  Thank you Deb!  

That sack in the seat, those are finished quilts that Lynne donated, all they need is a label.  I will show you those quilts on Tuesday.

This was my back seat going home.... all I am going to say right now is that it was NOT that full when I left home that morning.  There are many donations in there that we will break down over the next week or so.

And of course the trunk.  Now I will be honest the trunk was pretty full going up. But see that is full of completed tops!  All of which will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Well the post is already a long one so I'll cut it off here.  Make sure to come back and watch the reveals.

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