Tuesday, July 3, 2012

completed quilts part 2

Here are a few more pictures of recently completed quilts.

This quilt is was donated by Diane...and I am pleased to say that all of the quilts tops that she donated are now complete.

I love the secondary patterns in this top. I also find myself trying to figure out the pattern.  I think I have come up with at least 3 ways to make this quilt. ( Does anyone else do that???)

 Here is a close up of the blocks.

 I backed the quilt with the donation fabric that Trish donated.  I think it was a very good match.

This next quilt was donated by one of my customers who did not want to be identified on the blog. I still want to show the finished quilt.

Isn't it bright and cheery?  I can see this quilt pattern being used for the Hope Quilts.  It would be easy to kit, and go together very quickly.

And the close up of the blocks.

I used some more of that fabric from Trish to back this quilt also. I think I may have enough of that backing fabric to do a small quilt, if not it will use the rest of the fabric in a quilt top in the future.

Time to do the paperwork on these quilts and get them to the center.  

Thank you all for your generosity!  We will just keep plugging away.

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