Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Smack down from the universe

I feel like I have been smacked upside the head by the universe.  I had a plan, I was working that schedule....all was good.  You know something is going to throw a monkey wrench into that wonderful feeling of bliss....

I had my sisters quilt on the longarm over the weekend, stitching away hoping to have it done by Sunday afternoon.  I get to the bottom of the quilt, and it is time to baste the bottom of the quilt.

For those of you who do not have a longarm, basting the sides and bottom of the quilt allows me to go slightly off quilt top, and come back on the quilt without having the hopping foot get caught under the quilt top.  Remember I am not watching the quilt top when quilting, I am tracing the panto with a lazer on the back side of the table.

Anyway back to the story....it is time to baste the bottom of the quilt to the backing and batting material.....except my needle positioner button is frozen. IT WILL NOT DEPRESS!  I called my husband up to see if he could figure out what was wrong with it.....nope he can't.  It is Sunday so no help available from the factory.  I pull out the DVD that came with the machine (probably should have watched it a year ago...there are some very helpful things in there) but this problem is not addressed on the video.  

Terry finally realizes that there is a second switch on the back of the machine, tries it and it is working just fine.  So to finish basting my quilt, I have to work from the backside of the table, lean over the take up bar, use my left hand to keep the fabric flat, as I take single stitches with my right hand and guide the longarm to the left. 

We will just say that it was awkward at best.  I did get her's finished and off the longarm, but the machine not working properly is putting a crimp in my schedule for this week.

I am waiting for APQS to return my call, hopefully there will be a quick fix and I can get back on schedule.  I have two comfort quilts that I want to do this week, and a customer quilt.  I think I will go piece a couple of backings together while I wait for their call.

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