Saturday, July 7, 2012

A red, white and blue week.

I see flags and fireworks everywhere!  I could not have scheduled it better had I tried.  On the 4th of July I spent my afternoon working on one of Joyce Scott's donation quilts. 

All those flags and stars, and the outside border was navy fabric with exploding fireworks. Just a perfect project for the day....and since it was so hot outside, these are the only flags and fireworks I saw all day.

I quilted this quilt with navy thread, and you can only barely see the quilting in it.  The backing was from donation fabric, I'm fairly confident that Joyce donated it also....but I could be wrong.  Any way the backing fabric is navy with white stars all over it.

This quilt has already made its way to Nancy Hagleberg for binding... yippee one down and only three more to go for the month.  (PSST by the way Nancy no hurry on the quilt, but when it is done just bring it to your office....hubby reminded me that we make the trip to Adel every other day for sweet corn.  I can just swing by and pick it up. :-) )

Next quilt is loaded on the longarm and I hope to be able to work on it yet this afternoon.  Hope to be able to show you that one on Tuesday.

Hope the heat breaks like the weatherman is promising....stay cool everyone.

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