Saturday, June 30, 2012

Finished Quilts part 1

So life has been hectic for several months now, and I have been feeling a little bad that especially in the last two months I haven't been as productive as I would like.  Had I had a crystal ball, and would have known the journey my life would be taking this year.... I probably would have put this project on the back burner for at least a while.  But in the past couple of days a few friends have made statements that have made me feel better.  One friend explained that the project is probably something that keeps me sane, it allows for me to loose myself in something other than the truly important things that is going on around me...and I get to bring comfort to someone in need.  While at the quilt shop another quilter reminded me that the goal was 12 quilts for the year, and that I should quit beating up on myself because we did 12 in the first 3 months.  Thank you to both of you, I needed to hear it.

So lets see some of the completed projects:

This top was donated by Diane Larson.  I added the brown borders to give it just a little more width.

Here is a close up of the block.

And when I went into the quilt shop to purchase the backing for this quilt Lonnie donated it to the cause.  I also found the binding for this quilt in a sack of donated fabric from Lonnie.  

I think the quilt turned out really pretty....Diane said she wasn't sure how long the top had been in her UFO pile.  Here is another top that Diane sent.

Isn't it bright and cheery?  Earlier in the year Jan, had donated some fabric that she decided that she didn't like anymore.....and guess what... it made the perfect backing for this quilt....don't you think?

Someone is going to love this quilt, I just know it.

I'll have more pictures on Tuesday of finished quilts.  I just need to do the paperwork on them, before I call the center to drop them off.

Everyone try to stay cool.

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